How To Recruit Best Agents

We at Agents Recruitment have studies many successful professionals in insurance industry who have recruited 100+ agents in their team and about 95% of the team is productive. We found that all these successful people do not recruit agents by one-on-one counseling, but they recruit by executing Mass Recruitment Activities. We have compiled the most productive Mass Recruitment Activities in the training material “Recruiting Agents ( Edition 1 & Edition 2 )”. Hence, all the recruitment activities in the training material is tried and tested in real time, with real people and in real situation.

Change In Recruitment StrategyIt’s time to change you recruitment strategies and adopt the approach which has been giving great results to many successful people in insurance industry.

Implement Recruitment ProcessesImplementation of any recruitment strategy is the most difficult aspect. Hence, we have simplified it with detailed step-by-by approach to recruit productive agents.

Recruiting Perfect AgentRecruitment activities focused to recruit specific profiles like House Wives, Retired People, Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers & Chartered Accountants and Working Professionals.

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