Professional Relationship Building Tips

Relationships Matter. Tailor your approach.

A critical element for any successful sales professional is creating and nurturing relationships. Nurturing your leads can be a time-consuming process, but worth the effort. Consider saving time by implementing tracking and automation capabilities.

Get Proactive about maximizing your ROI.

Staying in front of your prospects and clients is important for your brand’s recognition. Maximize your efforts by segmenting your lists into markets and cater content specific to that market. For example, if you offer both an Annuity product and a Med-Sup Product, don’t send the same message to everyone – chances are a specific product will resonate with some and not others. Take the time to identify these product interests prior to marketing and send your specific message to only that portion of your audience to maximize your ROI.
Once you have identified your audiences, create a plan with tailored content specific to that audience. Use this content to grow and nurture each audience. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that a larger list will provide you with more leads. List quality trumps quantity every time! Wasting marketing dollars and efforts sending messages to an uninterested audience is never a wise business move.

Personalize with Dynamic Content.

Dynamic Content continues to be a huge trend for creating a personalized experience for email marketing. For good reason, it creates huge impact and it’s simple to implement. With all the detailed fields available within our database, Advisor DirectConnect, personalizing is limitless. Go above and beyond just including a custom first name in the email. With our detailed data, you can dynamically display company names, states, specialties and exams held. Create a custom email template so each your sales reps can send targeted emails directly from the rep to their prospect. There are countless ways you can utilize dynamic content within email marketing, you are only limited by your imagination.

Use Data Fields to Segment.

Another way to maximize your database subscription is with nurturing campaigns. Use this soft approach to establish name recognition and credibility with your prospects by slowly but consistently reaching out. Using segmented lists, you can target prospects with birthdays in that month, congratulate new hires and promotions, recognize a professional designation, etc. These simple concepts are the “little things” that can be a decision factor. The company that stays in front of their prospects will be the company selling more because they have established trust and credibility.

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